Noelle (albioreii) wrote in trainingwings,

[video] If this isn't okay lemme know and we can do it separately or something.

[For a little while the journal just shows trees, autumn leaves… and not one but two new Feathers unconscious on the ground. After a while one stirs, wakes up, sits bolt upright.]


[She glances around, clearly confused, even glancing once down at her New Feather dress, until her eyes fall on the other figure.]

Ginji? Ginji! Are you okay?

[After a few moments of shaking, the second seems to come around.]

… Noelle? ...I'll be fine. Where is everyone?

[At that point, he tries to sit up. The first - Noelle - puts out a hand to stop him.]

Hey, be careful! You just crashed! [She sounds more worried and exasperated than upset, though. After a sigh, she continues] I don't know where this is… I don't see the Albiore or any of the others anywhere…

[This'll probably continue until they're interrupted.]

[[ooc; replies will come from both Noelle and Ginji, though the latter won't really be coming until tomorrow at least.]]


Player Names: Cherry & Gorse
Are you new?: Y & N, respectively
Character Name: Ginji and Noelle (also respectively)
Character Fandom: Tales of the Abyss
Tags: [*] games, [canon] tales of the abyss, [player] cherry, [player] gorse, [player] new
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